What is Trainwear?

While the number of steps on a stepper and the number of kilometers traveled on a bike give an indication of a person’s sporting ability, there are plenty of fitness exercises which to date can only be assessed by professional trainers. Unfortunately, such trainers are not always available or very expensive. With a modular system combinging hardware and software, we are trying to provide a solution. The idea: specially developed sensors (prototypes originally developed by the EU FET project SimpleSkin at the DFKI) are used on different parts of a person’s body while they perform various sports exercises. These sensors detect the pressure on textile surfaces and can easily be integrated into a person’s clothing. During training, the user can bring up the information collected – regarding breathing, muscle contraction, balance and pulse etc. as well as how well they perform the exercise – on a pair of intelligent glasses or other end devices. The aim is to provide sport fans with detailed feedback regarding their performance – helping them to achieve their goals and correct any mistakes in their posture.

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